The Virgin Mary Posts #1

OMG I might Be totes Pregs!!!! :(

Ok, so like I was all siting in the garden and all, and some dude was all like “Yo Mary I’m an angel of the lord, and like my boy God done gone and knocked you up with the holy spirit! I know that sounds crazy and all, but dude, you pregs now, and like yo babies name will be Jesus, and he’s gonna save the world and stuff, like dude that’s sooooo awesome!!!! :)))))”

and then I was all like “Oh shit!”

and he was like “Dude I know right!”

and then he went “Dude, angel out!” and vanished and I was like “Frick, I knew my period was late, what am I gonna tell my  Joseph!

And like that’s all for now!


Hello this is the modern day Mary, hit me up like my baby daddy Jesus Christ, am I right?

Ok so this is just a little hello from me to you, I’m doing this as sort of a fun thing that makes people laugh and learn a bit, I am not here to make fun of Christianity, I just want to get that across, thank you!